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Salter Scale

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Salter ScaleBefore attending The International Culinary Center I never considered buying a kitchen scale.  In the unlikely event that I would stumble across a recipe calling for weight instead of volume measurements I would simply find a different recipe or I would use the weight measurement on the item I was holding and take a stab at figuring carefully calculate the measurement needed.  It worked….most of the time.  

Formal culinary training teaches you, among other things that we can discuss over a drink, how valuable weight measurements are.  Take chocolate, for instance.  No two people chop chocolate the same and if a recipe calls for a cup of chopped chocolate you and I are unlikely to come up with the exact same amount.  That may not seem like a big deal in one instance but whether you are the executive chef of a restaurant or cooking brunch for your in-laws you need your recipes to turn out spot on every time.  

Soooooo…..that is where a scale comes in.  It may take you a little while to get used to it but being familiar with weight-based cooking measurements will open up a world of European recipes to you.  If you want to write recipes, it is invaluable to double check your work and your measurements.  If you DO splash out and get one I would recommend following it up with our favorite French Baking cookbook too!

BUY IT HERE IN THE UK (Although you probably already own one if you are in the UK)




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Jessica Bride

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