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Maison du Prix Wines

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Screaming Eagle from Maisonduprixwines

If you are (a) over 25 (b) gainfully employed (c) seeking a significant other (d) seeking the approval of your significant other’s parents or (e) invited to anyone’s house for dinner,  you need a good wine source.  And yes, I am telling you that the 17-year-old stocking guy at your local grocery store is probably not the best source for wine recommendations.  I’m sorry.  I know he’s really sweet.

Danielle Price Maison du Prix Wines

See, you are all grown up now and you need to keep a stash of excellent wines on hand for the reasons mentioned above.  And that is why I am here.  I have your foolproof, never-gonna-let-you-down, break out the fancy plastic cups authority:  A pretty, petite lady named Danielle who you might just suspect is a fashionable attorney or consultant if you bumped into her at Barney’s, but behind that chic exterior is one of the coolest brains (or mouths?)  in the wine biz.   She ran the enormous wine program at The Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group before being lured away to run the astronomical wine program at Wynn Casino in Vegas.   Then she started making her own wine (natch) which she now does while also putting her expertise and, better than that, her connections to work for you by selling other wine makers wines direct to consumer.   She has access to wines that are the very best you can get your hands on — rare vintages, cult wines, small producers, special vintages and highly allocated.   Let’s be clear:  I do not mean she trades only in the most famous and most expensive wines on the market (I know, the Screaming Eagle was a bad choice for photo).  She does but she also features several wines you have never heard of.  Prepare to be educated.  

Log on.  Sign up.  Impress the sh*t out of your father-in-law.


Sign up here in the USA

So sorry.  Not available in the UK.  But Berry Brothers is pretty awesome, right?

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