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Champagne Cocktails 1

Champagne Cocktails

 This article first appeared on There are tons of things I didn’t know about British people before I married one. For  starters, they are incredibly funny. Not just the odd one here or there, but all of them. As  a breed. Just funny. They also invented the stiff upper lip. And whatever the opposite […]

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Napa Grapes

The best books for learning about wine.

Wine is an overwhelming topic.  Even a simple post like, say, The Best Books for Learning About Wine, may start out straightforward but very quickly can turn mind-bogglingly complex.  Here is how it happened this week: One Christmas a friend’s awesome husband emailed and asked me what I would recommend as a gift for his wife who wanted to […]

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Friends toasting outside

Summer Wine Round Up

It’s hot. That’s not news. You are sweating right now on the subway, waiting for a bus or in a taxi. Or you are freezing in your office because you are dressed for the weather but your office air conditioner is barely hovering over double digits. But do you know what is coming?

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