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Silpat courtesy of The Ktchn

Silpat Sheets

  Lots of exciting stuff was happening in France in the mid 1960’s and while the country would probably like to be most well remembered for the politics of grandeur –Charles de Gaulle’s reformation of the French economy, creation of an independent foreign policy and strong stance on the international stage — the truth is […]

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Smitten Kitchen Pancakes

Smitten Kitchen

    I’ve been a Smitten Kitchener since before Julie and Julia, before Joy, before cake pops were a thing (and gone again) and before cocktails became super duper trendy again (I loooove that one!). Deb Perelman has a very basic website with a whole host of outstanding recipes, great photos, neat stories, and it […]

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Joy the Baker

  First I  liked her photography.  Then I liked her recipes. Then… THEN… I dared to read her more personal posts, like this one, and the love affair was complete. She is absolutely great. Do yourself a favor.  Sign up for this one. Let a little sunshine into your in-box.   SIGN UP HERE

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The skimm

The Skimm

  Called an “email cheat sheet” by The NY Post and a “Secret Weapon” by one of its two founders,  The Skimm is everything you need to know for the day in one bite-sized chunk. Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin, two gorgeous 20-something New Yorkers (by way of Chicago), started The Skimm after leaving their […]

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Blendtec Blender

BlendTec Blender

  I get it. This is a LOT of money to spend on a blender. I mean, how good can it really be? Here’s how good:  You can drop a whole avocado seed in there and it turns it to mush. A cup of cheese and some wine – you have fondue.  Forget about smoothies: […]

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Epicurean Cutting Boards

I struggled for years trying to find the right cutting board, and no thanks to the plethora of cooking shops in Manhattan I spent my hard-earned money buying most of them. Nothing fit the bill: Bamboo – too hard, dulls your knives. Wood – nice and soft but the garlic and onion smell stays in […]

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Red Kitchen Aid Mixer

Kitchen Aid Mixer

  This is a MUST HAVE for baking. Buy it with your Christmas bonus or ask for one as a wedding, Christmas, Hannakuh or birthday gift. Another important thing:  Let it live on your counter. There is nothing worse for an appliance’s usability quotient then having to pull it out from wayyyy behind the pots and […]

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