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Christmas Florals with Zan 8

HO HO HO! Floral arrangements for Christmas!

You have probably finished buying gifts now.  You *should* be done wrapping them.  You might have them under the tree, packed into the car or in your closet on that very, very top shelf.  Your menu is most likely planned and you think you have completely stocked up on everything you need for dinner tonight […]

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Relaxing in the bath

Be Good To You

The holidays are here and in full swing.  I can tell this not because of the wreaths adorning doors and the enormous tree at my dad’s house that blocks the entrance to his bedroom (true story) but because I have an ever-present knot of stress in my shoulders giving me a Quasimodoesque  profile and the […]

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NYC Flatiron

What to do in New York City!

One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.  —Tom Wolfe I moved to New York City from New Orleans at 24 years old having never visited before.  The city immediately wrapped its high intensity arms around me and I recall very clearly my first […]

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Fall 2014 cookbooks – ready for preordering now!

I wouldn’t be the first person to observe the magic of a brick and mortar bookstore.  The tall stacks of colorful books and the rich cool air, sitting down in a quiet corner of the store and flipping through a pile of tomes dedicated to the culinary world. The smell of printed paper and the color saturated photographs giving […]

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Napa Grapes

The best books for learning about wine.

Wine is an overwhelming topic.  Even a simple post like, say, The Best Books for Learning About Wine, may start out straightforward but very quickly can turn mind-bogglingly complex.  Here is how it happened this week: One Christmas a friend’s awesome husband emailed and asked me what I would recommend as a gift for his wife who wanted to […]

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Kate Spade

That’s my bag, baby.

I love bags. Is this a girl thing? I mean, obviously, it is a girl thing because my husband and my son don’t love bags, but does every girl love bags? They should. Because bags are pretty. And functional. And they really can make or break an outfit. I don’t really believe the last one […]

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Goldfinch Jessica Bride

ME TIME: Book Recommendations

When Nick and I started dating we were both in our early 30s.  We were both going through divorces.  We were both trying to figure out our way in the world, again.    We were also equal participants in what would become a whirlwind romance and love story.  We married 11-months to the day after […]

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Anchor Hocking 5 cup bake n store oven proof

Glass Storage Containers

  Striking fear into my teenage heart was as simple as this:  “Hey, Jessica, grab a container to put this leftover rice dressing in”  NOOOOO! Anything but that! That meant walking around to the side of the counter facing away from the kitchen, opening the cabinet that smelled really old and musty, and sorting through […]

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The End Is Near! Gifts for Teachers….

There are soooo many occasions during the year to be a gift giver.  Christmas, Hannakuh, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Administrative Assistants’ Day, Bosses’ Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries…man, it’s exhausting.  And that’s before your kids start school! Now you have other kids’ birthdays to consider besides your own and your nieces and nephews that, despite […]

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Maison du Prix Wines

Maison du Prix Wines

If you are (a) over 25 (b) gainfully employed (c) seeking a significant other (d) seeking the approval of your significant other’s parents or (e) invited to anyone’s house for dinner,  you need a good wine source.  And yes, I am telling you that the 17-year-old stocking guy at your local grocery store is probably not the […]

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Gorgeous (affordable) wine glasses.

I worked for a restaurant company based out of NYC for six years.  It was a fantastic time to be at the company and a fantastic time to be in NYC. One of the many benefits we had was that we could occasionally buy food, wine and glasses at the restaurant company’s cost.  This was […]

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Screenshot 2014-03-18 17.35.14

Candy Free Easter Basket

As the child of hippie parents who divorced when I was two, I don’t have a complete collection of bucolic holiday memories stored in my memory bank.  I have one here and one there — for instance the Christmas that I was desperate for a Dukes of Hazard matchbox car.  I woke up early Christmas […]

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