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Planters Punch 2

Lessons from Mom. And Planter’s Punch.

My mom was born in Somerville, Tennessee and moved to New Orleans at 10 when her father and mother opened a truck stop and diner just east of New Orleans.  It was called Powers Junction and it was a booming business located at a crucial east-west path from the Florida coast to New Orleans and […]

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Candy Free Easter Basket

As the child of hippie parents who divorced when I was two, I don’t have a complete collection of bucolic holiday memories stored in my memory bank.  I have one here and one there — for instance the Christmas that I was desperate for a Dukes of Hazard matchbox car.  I woke up early Christmas […]

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The Mystic Krewe of St. Anne, explained.

The Journey of the Krewe of St. Anne

I recently wrote a guest blog posting on on Mardi Gras traditions.  My very favorite one is the extremely New Orleanian and rarely fully understood tradition of marching with the Krewe of St. Anne on Mardi Gras Day.  Despite having participated a half dozen times, writing it turned out to be a bit harder […]

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Valentine's Gift Guide

Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

When I was in 8th grade I came home to a single Valentine’s Day card sitting at the end of the kitchen table.  It was from my dad asking me to be his Valentine.  I was sold on the day from that point on.  I know there are loads of people who say they don’t […]

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W&P Cocktail Kit

Jessica’s Holiday Gift Guide

You’ve survived the Post Thanksgiving Madness and now you really need to knock off some holiday shopping.  Here are a few perfect solutions for the people in your life:  The Foodie, The Entertainer, The Hipster, The Traveller and The Ladies.  The Foodie:     The stinkiest gift they’ll get all season!  Treat your favorite foodie […]

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33 Wines for Thanksgiving.

Best Wines for Thanksgiving Dinner

Ahhhh, wine. My favorite part of any meal, especially at a family heavy and expectation laden disaster-waiting-to happen event, such as Thanksgiving.  Kidding. Who doesn’t love to be bombarded with magazine after magazine cover promising the “PERFECT THANKSGIVING” or  “EASIEST THANKSGIVING” or an ever promising  “GORGEOUS THANKSGIVING!” while looking out at chipped pie plates, wrinkly […]

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