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ME TIME: Being here now

If you are under 45, Republican, or make $100,000 a year, the American philosopher Ram Dass probably doesn’t mean much to you. In my life, though, his principle philosophy was invoked on a regular basis. Be Here Now. One of my earliest memories is of my mom telling me, “If you are always looking forward […]

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carrot coconut cake jessica bride 1

Carrot and Coconut Teatime Cake

I don’t mean to name drop but Ottolenghi and I are tight. If you follow me on Instagram (@belleannee) you’ll even find a pic of the two of us totally hanging out at Food Blogger Connect in London a few weeks ago. And that picture — during the 15 seconds it took for the shot […]

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Friends toasting outside

Summer Wine Round Up

It’s hot. That’s not news. You are sweating right now on the subway, waiting for a bus or in a taxi. Or you are freezing in your office because you are dressed for the weather but your office air conditioner is barely hovering over double digits. But do you know what is coming?

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Anchor Hocking 5 cup bake n store oven proof

Glass Storage Containers

  Striking fear into my teenage heart was as simple as this:  “Hey, Jessica, grab a container to put this leftover rice dressing in”  NOOOOO! Anything but that! That meant walking around to the side of the counter facing away from the kitchen, opening the cabinet that smelled really old and musty, and sorting through […]

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