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Vanilla Essence and Shortbread with Gooey Pecans

This is how it happens: Martine and I post every Tuesday and Thursday.  There was no complicated matrix behind the decision and no advisors who weighed in on the best day to write.  No stars aligned for the days of the week.  We just figured we should each pick a day and stick to it. […]

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Chicken Tortilla Soup

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Every year the art world descends upon Miami for a city-wide art extravaganza called, collectively, Art Basel.  My third favorite thing about visiting (first being the beach, second being the art) is reading what snarky comments writers have to say about the event.  Usually lots of acerbic comments about private jets and squillionaires dropping in, […]

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caramel popcorn 2

Black Friday Caramel Popcorn

The origin of the term “Black Friday” is up for debate.   Some say it hails from 1961 shoppers in Philadelphia who were so thick on the sidewalk the police (in black) were called out to patrol. Some say it is a retail term because stores frequently operate in a deficit until the weekend after […]

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brownie mixture

Best Ever Chocolate Brownies

When my daughter, Grace, was two years old, she and her brother would race up the stairs of our old house in New Orleans. Teddy, having two years on Grace, usually won by a margin of five steps, but upon reaching the top, no matter how long it had been since Teddy had crossed the […]

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Quinoa Salad 2

Superfood Salad. Better than you think.

This past Sunday, as Martine loaded the last of her things into a taxi and headed to the airport, two thoughts hit me simultaneously. One, Time flies. Didn’t she just get here?  Two, I hope she has a good liver doctor in San Francisco. Maybe it is just seeing things through pregnant-person eyes but there is […]

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Basil Pesto 5

Autumnal Basil Pesto

New Orleans is different, but we’ve discussed that already.   And although there are a few things that probably pop into your mind that make it different, at this moment the big difference is the temperature.  Today is November 6th (where DID the year go???) and while my friends in New York are sending me […]

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Grilled Oysters

There used to be a statistic floating around that New Orleans hosts more house guests than any other city with a Convention & Visitors Bureau (because that is who tracks these things).  Chalk it up to high hotel rates at Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest or real estate in New Orleans coming in at a […]

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Sweet Potato Gratin JBride 2

Sweet Potato Gratin

A few days ago I reorganized my cookbook shelves. With two children already hatched and one to go this is now the kind of activity that brings me tremendous joy. I can’t believe I once danced on the bar at Coyote Ugly and now I love immersing myself in my cookbooks.  Cookbooks are my relics […]

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Granola JBride 6

Walnut and Blueberry Granola

We’re new at this you and me. We don’t even know each others full names yet.  You don’t yet know what magazines I subscribe to (Bon Appetit, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Cooks Illustrated and I buy Dwell at the grocery store).  You don’t know my newspaper preference (NYTimes & The J Bomb) and though […]

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Tapioca 2

Coconut, Ginger, Vanilla Tapioca

This is how it happens: It was Tuesday afternoon and I was getting ready for Romney Ride, the New Orleans version of Soul Cycle, trying desperately to stay on task and on time when I heard it on the radio.   One word.   Out of context. Tapioca. I still don’t know what the rest […]

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Citrus and Ginger

Ginger Citrus Mocktail

It is official:  I have hit the “fat or pregnant” stage with baby number 3.  Due in February, 3BM as s/he is affectionately known is little more at the moment than 10lbs (cough)  of extra weight around the waist and boobs.  Not happy about the first part, pleased with the second.   And even though I […]

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